Create car-pool rules for your neighborhood car-pool

In a previous post we looked at how to start organizing a car-pool. If you are organizing a car-pool, your group will need some rules. Car-pool rules are easier to implement right from the start – if you just skip merrily along, making up rules as you go, your car-pool won’t be as useful or […]

Organize a school car-pool in your neighborhood

Boys Buckled up in Automobile

According to Safe Routes to School, “In 1969, approximately 50% of children walked or bicycled to school, with approximately 87% of children living within one mile of school walking or bicycling. Today, fewer than 15% of schoolchildren walk or bicycle to school.” Not only does this promote a country full of overweight, inactive kids, but nowadays, […]

ABC’s of Back-to-School – How to Go Green to Kick off the School Year

abc how to go green at school

The good folks at Uncommon Goods just sent me an email about a killer back-to-school post they’ve got going on – Environmental ABC’s: 26 Ways to Go Back to School Green.  I love ABC posts (those suckers take some major dedication), and this one is packed with excellent green back-to-school tips. Below are three of my […]

CLIF Kid partners with Safe Routes to School to encourage kids to get moving and reduce carbon

walking to school is healthy

Hey all. It’s been chaos around here. My roommate fractured both his heels, leaving him wheelchair bound and unable to drive for a minimum of three weeks – in our very not wheelchair minded home. Thus, I’ve been way busier than normal. That said, since school is kicking off soon, I did want to stop […]

How much have school lunches improved over the last two years?

How much have school lunches really improved?

It’s been a while since I wrote The Massive Disgusting School Lunch Issue. Some folks hate that post. I’ve gotten emails claiming I’m out to get schools and that most schools DO serve quality food to kids. So, I figured it’s time to update the stats. I wrote the post linked above back in August of […]

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