25 things to do on Black Friday instead of shopping

2013 Buy Nothing Day

On the way home from Thanksgiving with my family last night, traffic was pretty good in spite of having to freeway it home, until I hit an area of Oregon packed with outlet malls. Then, traffic got a little nuts. There was a depressing line of cars waiting on the freeway overpass to get into […]

Throw a green Thanksgiving event

green thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a busy time of year but you can still keep it green. Following are some ways you can celebrate without compromising your eco-ethics or too much time. Stay sane: Traveling during the holidays is a nightmare. It’s more expensive, it’s stressful, and it keeps your emissions nice and high. Staying put at home […]

Hug this pumpkin tree

pumpkin on a stick

With Halloween quickly approaching an excellent tree to hug is the Solanum Pumpkin Tree. Now, to be clear the pumpkin tree is not so much a tree as it is a smallish plant, but it is the perfect “tree” for Halloween. Solanum is the botanical name for a group of specific plants with sub-categories of plants […]

Create car-pool rules for your neighborhood car-pool

In a previous post we looked at how to start organizing a car-pool. If you are organizing a car-pool, your group will need some rules. Car-pool rules are easier to implement right from the start – if you just skip merrily along, making up rules as you go, your car-pool won’t be as useful or […]

Organize a school car-pool in your neighborhood

Boys Buckled up in Automobile

According to Safe Routes to School, “In 1969, approximately 50% of children walked or bicycled to school, with approximately 87% of children living within one mile of school walking or bicycling. Today, fewer than 15% of schoolchildren walk or bicycle to school.” Not only does this promote a country full of overweight, inactive kids, but nowadays, […]

101 ways to get educated

A long, long time ago, when I was first getting really interested in unschooling and democratic education, I came across a great article in YES! Magazine. I cut it out and pasted it on my wall. Then I made copies and passed them out to all the kids I worked with (at the time, I worked […]

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