Hug this pumpkin tree

pumpkin on a stick

With Halloween quickly approaching an excellent tree to hug is the Solanum Pumpkin Tree. Now, to be clear the pumpkin tree is not so much a tree as it is a smallish plant, but it is the perfect “tree” for Halloween. Solanum is the botanical name for a group of specific plants with sub-categories of plants […]

Help your kids discover the forest

discover the forest

Discover the Forest is an awesome new website and campaign designed to help inspire tweens (aged 8-12) and their parents to re-connect with nature by learning more about it and most importantly by experiencing it first-hand. The campaign, a joint partnership of Finding My Forest, The Forest Service (of the U.S. Department of Agriculture) and The Ad […]

Encourage fun and activity with the CLIF Kid Annual Backyard Game of the Year contest

3rd annual CLIF Kids backyard games

We’re big fans of CLIF Kids here at Growing a Green Family. Not only does this company promote healthy snacking and organic food, but each year they encourage outdoor play and activity with many outdoor initiatives, including their amazing Backyard Games Contest. Backyard Games is entering its 3rd year and there’s some new cool stuff to […]

Is it more important to limit sunscreen or increase outdoor time?

Image by Poi Photography

My sunscreen rational this year is that the safest sunscreens cost too much, as in wildly unrealistically too much for most families, so there’s a need to compromise. Thus, I posted some sunscreen choices that aren’t top of the line safe but that families can afford. Not everyone thought this was a good plan: On Facebook someone […]

Quick green tip: find a walk-friendly community

walk score

If you’re moving sometime soon and have some choice about where, why not locate a walk-friendly community? A community that’s walk-friendly has plenty of perks, such as… You can walk more and drive less. You can stay fit by walking more often. You can run daily errands without a car. You’ll be happier. You can […]

Get back to nature but leave no trace you were there

leave no trace in nature

It’s an awesome healthy goal to get outside more often, but you also need to consider the impact humans can have on nature. It’s not always a positive impact. Your goal should be to leave nature as much like you found it as humanly possible, and the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics can […]

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