Cornucopia Institute Challenges Dr. Alan Greene’s Conduct

So, Dr. Alan Green, much loved celebrity pediatrician among the green set, is being accused of some pretty serious stuff by Cornucopia Institute. First of all, I wrote a much longer post about the accusations at Inhabitots, and I don’t feel up to rehasing it here. That said, if you want the full scoop head to Inhabitots. Still, since I’ve […]

Kroger decides organic confusion is the way to go

Kroger Simple Truth branding

So, yesterday I grab the mail, start sorting it and notice a huge Fred Meyer flier.  Fred Meyer is our local Kroger store here in PDX and we shop there often. Here’s the flier below… The flier states: “What’s the easiest way to enjoy all natural and organic? Keep it Simple. Naturally Preferred and Private […]

Do famous environmental activists owe consumers anything?

Photo ©shannahsin via sxc.

I don’t have cable television, which means I miss stuff, like commercials that feature eco-model/author/activist Summer Rayne Oaks as the new face of Aveeno. I found out after seeing a tweet about a Greenwala post on the topic. I looked around a bit more to make sure, and found that, yup, Oaks is working with […]

Are pink products making you and the planet sick?

pinkwashing products

So, the other day my sister freaked out a little on Facebook. She was upset due to a post at Forbes where a woman blogger, in my sister’s words, “Bashes buying pink products to support breast cancer“. That’s true. This blogger was pretty much bashing pink products. Said blogger notes… “Breast cancer awareness month has […]

Stick it to fake organic products!

Panic - this is not organic sticker

When I was 13 or so I read a book about women’s rights. In said book there was an order form for some awesome, “This offends women” stickers. You could use these stickers in stores, on products, a person 😉 – to label lame anti-female stuff. I loved my stickers. I know, I got started […]

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