Winter weatherizing tips for renters

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If you own a home, there’s a lot you can do to decrease your energy use (and thus bills). However, as a renter, you’ve usually got less flexibility because replacing windows, planting wind blockers and other long-term investment solutions aren’t very realistic. Still, even renters can make reasonable changes to help cut down on energy […]

How a zombie apocalypse can make you more eco-savvy

Plants vs. Zombies

At my house we’re kind of into zombies. Zombieland is a house favorite and we also like zombie books and The Walking Dead. Zombies aren’t great if you have a houseful of young kids but they are spooky fun for older kids and adults. What’s weird is that the more zombie stuff I watch, the […]

Quick Green Tips: Arrange Your Rooms Correctly for Winter Energy Savings

Beds in front of windows are good in summer but chilly in winter.

Interior design may be the last thing you think about when it comes to energy savings, but in reality, how you arrange your furniture can either help or hinder energy use. Especially in chilly winter. Try these quick tips to save energy and money: Don’t place beds next to windows – it can be drafty. Do drape cozy blankets […]

Are microwaves eco-friendly?

I didn’t own a microwave for my entire adult life, until a couple of years ago, and that’s only because I moved in with someone who already had one. I wasn’t against them or anything, I just didn’t want yet another appliance cluttering up my space. I guess I should have got one at some […]

15 small steps that can help you save home energy during the fall season

save energy in the fall

Last week we had many days of sweater weather (yeah, already) and even had to turn on the heat twice. It seems early for the heater and extra blankets, but it was cold! This week we’ve had a little more sunshine, but the chill last week was enough to get me thinking about fall and […]

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