How a zombie apocalypse can make you more eco-savvy

Plants vs. Zombies

At my house we’re kind of into zombies. Zombieland is a house favorite and we also like zombie books and The Walking Dead. Zombies aren’t great if you have a houseful of young kids but they are spooky fun for older kids and adults. What’s weird is that the more zombie stuff I watch, the […]

Quick Green Tip: Natural Car Deodorizers

Natural Car Deodorizers

If your car is full of icky smells you don’t need to buy some chemical laden tree freshener. Try the following instead: Start with a clean car. When you let dirt build up, it gets dusty and gross. For quick cleaning use non-toxic natural cleaning wipes and a more natural car fabric care cleaner. You […]

10 Totally Easy Ways to Go Green Fast

go green - save more money

Going green doesn’t have to be terribly difficult. Here are ten painless ways to cut your footprint and keep it green and healthy. 1 – Give up single serve beverages: Juice boxes, water bottles and other single serve drinks create a ton of unnecessary water waste and of course, cause blindness. Grab some affordable refillable stainless […]

Ten sane tips for a green, safe and happy life

Should you gas mask your kid?

I wrote a piece about co-sleeping for a client a while back. The post got a mix of pro and anti-co-sleeping comments. Even as a co-sleeping advocate none of the anti-co-sleeping comments bothered me. Not until someone left a comment stating they’d never ever co-sleep because they’d rather be, “Safe than sorry.” I’ve read that […]

Green Living Tip: Quit Being an Annoying Tree Hugger

Image © Marina Zlochin

Some people find tree huggers hyper annoying, even when they’re not. How come? Because some green individuals make a bad name for all of us. It’s like that video I posted earlier. While hilarious, it’s also very true. I know so many people like that. This is frustrating because I do believe in green living. I […]

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