How a zombie apocalypse can make you more eco-savvy

Plants vs. Zombies

At my house we’re kind of into zombies. Zombieland is a house favorite and we also like zombie books and The Walking Dead. Zombies aren’t great if you have a houseful of young kids but they are spooky fun for older kids and adults. What’s weird is that the more zombie stuff I watch, the […]

Quick Green Tip: Natural Car Deodorizers

Natural Car Deodorizers

If your car is full of icky smells you don’t need to buy some chemical laden tree freshener. Try the following instead: Start with a clean car. When you let dirt build up, it gets dusty and gross. For quick cleaning use non-toxic natural cleaning wipes and a more natural car fabric care cleaner. You […]

10 Totally Easy Ways to Go Green Fast

go green - save more money

Going green doesn’t have to be terribly difficult. Here are ten painless ways to cut your footprint and keep it green and healthy. 1 – Give up single serve beverages: Juice boxes, water bottles and other single serve drinks create a ton of unnecessary water waste and of course, cause blindness. Grab some affordable refillable stainless […]

Ten sane tips for a green, safe and happy life

Should you gas mask your kid?

I wrote a piece about co-sleeping for a client a while back. The post got a mix of pro and anti-co-sleeping comments. Even as a co-sleeping advocate none of the anti-co-sleeping comments bothered me. Not until someone left a comment stating they’d never ever co-sleep because they’d rather be, “Safe than sorry.” I’ve read that […]

Be a rebel – read the least popular green family posts of 2011

Yesterday I posted the top ten most popular green family posts of 2011. However, in order to have room at the top, some posts do have to hit rock bottom (sad). It always surprises me to see what my readers don’t find interesting. Still, if you want to be a rebel, and go against popular […]

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