To heck with global warming – why not go green anyhow?

is global warming real

I don’t often talk about global warming here much. That may seem odd for an environmental blog, but here’s the thing… it doesn’t matter. That’s right – it really doesn’t matter. As I see it, when it comes to global warming there are four ways it could go. Camp 1 – We DO NOT believe in […]

Wondering what your carbon footprint is?

go green -reduce carbon

An important step in achieving green living at home (and out and about) is knowing where you stand right now because then you can start to make lifestyle changes. Are you already super green? Could you be greener. Are you wasting way more resources than necessary? Calculating your carbon footprint can help you figure all […]

Eco-friendly gasoline use

eco-friendly ways to fuel up

When and how you fill your car with gas actually does make a difference for the environment and your wallet. When fueling up, follow these tips… Obviously the greenest way to fuel up is to not fuel up – or fuel up less: The more you bike, walk, skateboard, and take public transportation the less […]

National Bike Month 2010

national bike month

Maybe you haven’t heard but May is National Bike Month. Of course we all know that more biking, less driving is excellent for your health and the planet so here are some extra resources to help you celebrate this annual event. Some general tips about why bikes rock… Cars are a big eco-problem. According to […]

As usual I’m not on board with Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2010 is coming up on Saturday March 27th at 8:30 pm. Earth Hour is celebrated annually with everyone who participates turning off their lights for an hour. In 2009, the Earth Hour website notes that hundreds of millions of people around the world participated and did indeed turn their lights off for one […]

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