Blog Action Day 2010 Wrap-Up: Water Issues

Today is Blog Action Day and the topic up for discussion is water. Following are my Blog Action Day 2010 posts:

OR you can read past posts about water issues here at Growing a Green Family:

OR you can see what other people are saying about water – following are some of my favorite Blog Action Day 2010 posts from around the web…

Of course, with 5,000+ blogs participating in this year’s Blog Action Day, there’s plenty more where this came from. Check out the Blog Action Day website to see even more water issue posts in action.

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  1. Peggy says

    Thanks for linking me and rounding your faves.

    I wanted to do more with Blog Action Day, but timing was weird for me this year. I had already committed to going on a trip that week with family and didn’t have computer access, so the one post scheduled ahead was all I could do.

    I’m down to about 12 or so boxes to unpack! And the minor setback of the garage door breaking…. Other than that, loving the new house.

    Speaking of water, I need to read more about good shower heads. I saw an EcoFlow brand, but didn’t get that one because I haven’t researched it yet.

    Also, I bought a refrigerator without a built in water filter/dispenser, so I’m thinking about those you get that go under the sink. I have a Brita pitcher now, but it does get tiresome to refill it all the time. However, I’m not really sure I need a filter at all. The water is so much better tasting here than many places I’ve visited! I’ve gone with the Brita pitcher because I like really cold water to drink.

  2. Jennifer says

    Last year I was sick, and did almost nothing. This year I decided I’d make up for it. I gotta get on Skype so we can chat about the house. Glad you’re almost unpacked!

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