Ban Black Friday this year

For years now I’ve been participating in Buy Nothing Day. Buy Nothing Day is the alternative to Black Friday, launched by the good folks at Adbusters.

buy nothing day

The basics:

Buy Nothing Day is fairly self-explanatory. On the official Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Buy Nothing Day encourages consumers to not shop til they drop but to buy nothing instead. Black Friday is usually the single biggest shopping day of the year. Adbusters notes, “We’re asking tens of millions of people around the world to bring the capitalist consumption machine to a grinding – if only momentary – halt.

Why Buy Nothing Day?:

  • The U.S. is considerably overwhelmed with consumerism and Buy Nothing Day is one day that attempts to highlight the fact that while over consumption is currently alive and thriving, it doesn’t need to be this way.
  • Black Friday is a holiday that’s all about encouraging people to buy more, more, more. It’s not green. It’s not budget or family friendly. It doesn’t teach any life-long lessons your kids need to learn. You don’t have to be on board.

Black Friday is not a green holiday:

Black Friday is anything but earth friendly. An entire day focused on getting as much stuff as possible is simply not green. Obviously we all need some stuff, but we don’t need as much as most of us have. Products and the energy it takes to make said products have a negative affect on the earth.

Black Friday wastes gas: All that driving from store to store is not good. Plus there’s more traffic, and you sitting in traffic is not eco-friendly.

Black Friday encourages needless purchases. Needless purchases you make are not green. I haven’t met many people who are able to get only what they actually need on Black Friday because stores don’t stock enough of sale items. They advertise one item, but just to get you in the store. Once there they display a huge amount of goods you don’t need or that were not on your list and many fall for it.

Black Friday wastes time: Your time is important. Most people get the day after Thanksgiving off. There are a million other things you could be doing with your family or friends that have nothing to do with shopping.

Black Friday sets a bad example: Kids especially don’t need a holiday that’s set up to encourage buying a ton of stuff. This holiday doesn’t allow for smart consumer choices because it all happens so fast.

Black Friday doesn’t showcase safe green products: Most stores who participate in the Black Friday shenanigans don’t carry safe, green, non-toxic products, and because it occurs all on one day, you don’t have time to research before you buy.

Black Friday is not peaceful. In many ways I feel that peaceful living is tied intrinsically to eco-living. Once you start to live in a more simple manner a certain calm does take over your life and it leads to a more green lifestyle as well. You get over competing with anyone on a who has what level and it’s an overall nicer way to live. You’ve got less clutter, less competition, more peace, and more green. Black Friday is not a peaceful event. It’s crowded, folks argue over stuff, and no one needs to live like that, not even for a day.

People who are healthy and happy and not stressed over stuff tend to stay more balanced and they have more time which leads to the time to invest in a green world.  No argument on earth is going to convince me that Black Friday; all those lines; all the shoving; all the stuff is a healthy way to live. Instead of shopping, use Black Friday as a day to go on a hike, play board games, hold a gathering for friends you missed over Thanksgiving, or whatever you like.

Are you participating in Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day this year? Why?

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  1. Run DMT says

    I just learned about this Buy Nothing Day from a friend on FB. I never really thought about it before that. In previous years, I have been willing to comprise my values for every day low prices. This year, I’m changing that. When we know better, we do better. Thanks for your post!

  2. Jennifer says

    I’m glad you decided not to shop – how did that work out for you? At my house we just relaxed :)


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