Attacking Whole Foods is not the answer people

So, right after Whole Foods Market announced their commitment to label GMO foods a rash of criticizing articles and statements on Facebook started appearing. Mainly because people think Whole Foods should…

  • Should work faster and have GMOs labeled by 2015 vs. 2018.
  • Should get anything labeled “Natural” out of their stores.
  • Should ban all GMO food from their stores.

And on and on and on. Instead of celebrating people are really putting a damper on this. I’ve seen this sort of stuff on Organic Consumers Assocation’s (OCA) site, Natural News, and all over Facebook. It’s really lame. Especially when you consider how many major chains are being super lame about the GMO debate.

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For example, the companies below are acting way more out of line when it comes to GMO labeling. 

New Seasons has refused to commit to a GMO side. OCA, a group I do like quite a lot, has put down Whole Food’s plan, yet in the past they’ve encouraged people to shop at New Seasons, a chain here in PDX who was 100% silent when Prop 37 was in play. New Seasons does a lot of local good but on the flip side they would not support or discourage Prop 37, thus keeping clear of the GMO debate and any commitment to GMO labeling.

Kroger is far worse than Whole Foods. Kroger not only refuses to take a side in the GMO debate but they also leaves shady, unethical answers about GMOs on their Simple Truth Facebook page. There are dozens of comments there asking Kroger about GMOs in their Simple “Truth” line of products and zero answers given by the Kroger Facebook team.

Trader Joe’s (pdf) has not gone as far as Whole Foods either, even though they’ve been speaking out about how there are no GMOs in their own products for years. Trader Joe’s also never took a side in the Prop 37 battle.

All of the stores above, not to mention many other grocery chains have a huge reach, and a lot of potential to do something about GMO labeling in their own stores and have not.

No one is currently attacking the stores above though. Instead everyone is focused on Whole Foods, who is not perfect sure, but they do label organic body care, try to help consumers find better cleaners and now are committed to GMO labeling. That’s a whole lot more than most companies are doing.

Why not focus harder on stores that are doing NOTHING vs. Whole Foods who is trying something? If it was up to me, we’d focus harder on those companies who are on the fence and refuse to even comment on GMOs as well as companies who flat out support non-labeling of GMOs. It’s so frustrating.

What do you think? Does the Whole Foods’ plan suck or do you like it? Let me know in the comments.

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