Most Affordable Green Play Kitchen Sets by PlanToys

PlanToys is an entirely eco-friendly and ethical company, and bonus, they make some amazingly cute and green play kitchen sets. All of PlanToys kitchen play sets are made without heavy metals or lead, with natural rubberwood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. None of the wood is chemically treated. Zero fertilizer is added to the rubberwood soil and PlanToys uses a special chemical-free kiln drying process. For colored products, a water-based, non-toxic finish is used and toys are assembled with certified E-Zero,  non-formaldehyde glue in place of traditional toxic wood glue.

One of the best things about PlanToys play kitchen sets is that there’s a configuration in every green family’s price range. From bling sets to more affordable sets, you can manage a fun play kitchen for the holidays or a birthday gift. Below are some PlanToys play kitchen configurations I’ve created…

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$550.00 Ultimate PlanToys Kitchen Play Set


If money is no object, than a hyper cool, full play kitchen set would include the following:

This fully stocked set allows for massive creative play at a decent price for what you get. However, you also need to factor in play food and dishes. It’s too pricey for most families though, so let’s look at some more affordable options below.

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$413.00 - PlanToys Kitchen Center and Fridge


Eliminating the yellow PlanToys washing machine, which let’s fact it, not all kids need, will save you some cash. Because the PlanToys Kitchen Center is two sided and includes a sink and stove area, there’s still plenty of imaginative playtime included with this configuration. Together, these two items offer big fun and a somewhat lower price tag. Still, at $400+ it’s still more than some families will want to spend.

$431.00 PlanToys Basic Natural Kitchen Play Set - Stove, Fridge and Sink


I actually like the natural PlanToys kitchen set pieces. I think they look charming uncolored. These pieces are smaller than the colored pieces, but still great for pretend play. If you’ve got the money, $431 will buy you three whole play kitchen pieces, the stove, fridge and sink, allowing for lots of fun at an affordable price. If you’ve got more to spend, there’s also a dishwasher and washing machine you might consider (shown below).

PlanToys Play Kitchen Add-Ons

If you have less to spend, I’d go with the stove and fridge only or stove and sink only which will run you a very affordable $280.00. That’s a great price for a well-made, eco-friendly kitchen play set.

$409.00 Colorful PlanToys Small Kitchen Set


If you choose some of the smaller PlanToys’ kitchen items, you can build a set for less money. The set above is still $400, but you get three colorful, well-made pieces. Knock off the sink and the stove and fridge will run you $270.00. I think a fridge is cooler than a sink, in terms of pretend play, but some kids like sinks better. In this case, if you went with the sink and stove only, your play kitchen costs would be cut to just $262.00.

$300.00 Colorful & Affordable Play Kitchen Set


The basic, no hutch PlanToys Kitchen Set in red is less expensive than PlanToys’ larger kitchen center, but still very cute. Add the fridge and your child can have a colorful play kitchen configuration that leaves cash left over for play food and dishes.

$40.00 - $100.00 PlanToys Tabletop Stove


PlanToys also makes some sweet tabletop stoves, made for fun and your budget. These kitchen sets are more basic, but still cool enough to offer plenty of pretend play opportunities. Plus, you can’t beat the price. There’s a very cool pink set right now, available with a full set of pots and pans, for just $100.00. The pot-free version is even less at $40.00. At these prices you can afford to add a fridge or sink component and lots of play food and dishes, and still keep costs well under $300.00-$350.00.

$178.00 PlanToys Dish Washer Set


The PlanToys Dishwasher didn’t really fit nicely into any of the configurations above, but it’s an add-in or exchange option, if you child is dying for a pretend dishwasher. I think it’s a little costly, especially since the sink is available in other sets, but I did want to mention it.

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  1. jennifer e says

    that dishwasher can easily be configured to be a sink, a one burner stove (stripy things next to the sink), and an oven. the dishwasher part looks like an oven to me! :) one knob for the “stove” and one for the “oven”.

  2. Jennifer Chait says

    You are totally right! It does look like a little stove and sink set. If you wanted a fridge too though, you’d be better off going with the tiny red kitchen, which is less expensive, but I guess you’d miss the sink.

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