Reusable Valentine’s Day treat bags!

I just saw these Drawstring Bags over at My Bella Love’s Etsy shop and they’re so flipping swoon worthy. These tiny drawstring bags are the perfect thing for Valentine’s Day treats, birthday favor bags, and so much more. Plus of course you can reuse them over and over. AND these are totally affordable. It was hard to choose my favorite bag designs (all of them are so darn cute), so I grabbed some that I think would work well for Valentine’s Day.

Bags are handmade and sized for small items like jewelry, hair clips, candy, bridesmaid gifts, dried lavender, soaps, bath salts, gift cards, small travel items, and such. The satin ribbon drawstring is heat treated so it will not fray.

The only downside of these bags is they’re not made with eco-friendly material (i.e. such as organic cotton and such), but when it comes to reusable bags I tend to bend a little on materials. In my opinion the benefits of a reusable bag vs. say plastic bags or paper party bags outweighs material used to make the bags. For example, I’d rather see someone carry a plain cotton reusable grocery tote than use a million plastic bags.

The above said, I also get the argument for sustainable materials. If you only want treat bags made with sustainable materials check out Re-Usable Organic Cotton Printed Produce & Gift Bags.

If you like the bags above you can see all the Drawstring Bag goodness over at My Bella Love; so many cute designs you will flip! Oh and bags come in sets of two or as singles.

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