ABC’s of Back-to-School – How to Go Green to Kick off the School Year

The good folks at Uncommon Goods just sent me an email about a killer back-to-school post they’ve got going on – Environmental ABC’s: 26 Ways to Go Back to School Green

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I love ABC posts (those suckers take some major dedication), and this one is packed with excellent green back-to-school tips. Below are three of my faves…

  • Bike, walk, skateboard, scooter or ride the bus (or a horse!) to school instead of driving or even carpooling. Kid energy is a renewable resource.
  • E-waste. Americans junk 30 million computers every year (those are circuit boards in the photo above). Add phones, TVs, DVD players, etc. to that list and you’ve got about 3 million tons of dumped electronics a year in the US alone. Not only does this waste reusable materials, but 70% of the dangerous heavy metals in landfills come from all that e-junk. But it’s becoming easier and easier to recycle old electronics, as governments require manufacturers to take them back.
  • New. Old is the new new. If vintage clothes are cool enough for super-rich and fashionable movie and pop stars, it’s possible that your kids (and you) could deem them adequately fabulous. They require zero energy and resources to make, because they’re, y’know, already made.

Each of the tips above, and all the rest, come with handy links to more info. Check out the entire post at the UncommonGoods blog via the link below.

+ Environmental ABC’s: 26 Ways to Go Back to School Green

+ Uncommon Goods

Image by Cieleke/sxc.

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