A safe green baby mattress

It pays to look for a green baby mattress. Most traditional mattresses are made with PVC, polyester, and or foam. After production these mattresses are covered in flame-retardant chemicals and PBDE’s. Some of these chemicals have been implicated in SIDS – although not all research backs that up. Also consider that babies spend quite a bit of their time on their mattresses and that their smaller bodies are more affected by chemicals and pesticides than our larger adult bodies. All of this said, your best bet is to go organic.

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Organic and natural mattresses used to be way more expensive. Currently, you can get a nice deal on one. In most cases you will still pay more for organic, but your child’s health is worth it.

Where to find decent priced healthy baby organic crib mattresses:

What if you REALLY can’t afford it?

Sometimes, no matter how inexpensive, a family cannot afford an organic crib mattress. If this is the case, then there are some second options, such as buying organic baby crib sheets. You can also buy a conventional crib mattress early and then unwrap it and allow it to air out for a couple of months. Research shows that most of the toxins and fumes released by mattresses are released early on, soon after unwrapping. Your baby’s exposure to these fumes will be limited if you take the plastic off well before your baby is due. This should release many of the fumes created by standard crib mattress baddies like PVC plastic polyurethane foam, and flame retardants.

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