50 Affordable & Eco-friendly Halloween Treats

Going green at Halloween can be inexpensive in some ways. For example, you can reuse costumes, swap costumes, make homemade Halloween costumes, bake organic Halloween cookies from scratch with bulk ingredients and more.

That said, it can be expensive to hand out healthier or greener treats to a zillion trick or treaters. When bulk conventional candy is not only plentiful but dirt cheap, it makes it hard to even want to go green on Halloween.

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Still, you should go green. How come?

Halloween is big business in the USA. Especially over the last few years, consumers have made Halloween a smashing success for businesses, buying up goodies and treats by the truckload and all that money supports the continued success of whomever you’re buying from. If you’re buying conventional chocolates, for example, there’s a good chance you’re supporting forced child labor, a highly documented issue that occurs in West Africa, where a lot of conventional chocolate comes from.

You’ve got two choices as I see it.

You can support eco-friendly, healthier, more ethical companies OR you can support shady companies like Hershey and Nestle. It can cost more to support better companies, but why have a lame Halloween that’s supported by child labor or chemicals?

Can you find inexpensive Halloween treats?

Yes! One of my main goals at this site is to help you keep it green and safe without spending insane amounts of cash to do so. While everyone’s idea of “cheap” varies, my idea of an inexpensive Halloween treat is right around 50 cent per treat. But of course lower is better. With that in mind, let’s look at 100 awesome Halloween treats for trick or treaters that will not break the bank.

*NOTE – prices below may change – your best bet is to buy Halloween treats early!

green Halloween, organic Halloween, Halloween party, Halloween treats

Equal Exchange Fair Trade Halloween Kit

My #1 Halloween Treat Recommendation of 2012

Equal Exchange has many treat options that boast ideal green family benefits. Equal Exchange treats are Fair Trade, organic and perfectly sized for kids. This is actually the candy I’ll be handing out this year for Halloween, and if I can afford them, you sure can (I’m on a budget here people).

Equal Exchange treats are WAY cheaper than you might think, especially if you go in with other families and buy in bulk. For example, yes the large bag is $175 but you get 888 treats, which works out to just 20 cent per treat (a steal for organic Fair Trade candy), so split between many families, it’s an excellent deal. This also makes Equal Exchange chocolates the perfect treat for large organizations too, such as companies who hand out treats or schools.

Below are their best Halloween options.

On top of the amazing deals above, Equal Exchange is also running their annual Fair Trade Your Halloween campaign this year. This is a killer deal – probably the best out there. You can order a Fair Trade Halloween Kit for just $24! In this kit, you’ll get 1 box of 150 Fair Trade Organic chocolate “minis” in dark chocolate or milk chocolate, 150 illustrated information cards and one instruction sheet about how to pass this info out on Halloween.

That’s an outstanding $0.16 per treat for organic, Fair Trade chocolate. Can you believe it!? The kits are coming soon, so visit Fair Trade Your Halloween campaign to sign up for an email reminder when kits become available.  Also, keep reading to see many other affordable Halloween Treats.

green Halloween, organic Halloween, Halloween party, Halloween treats

Trick or Treat Dark Chocolates by Sweet Earth Chocolates

Eco-friendly Halloween Chocolate

Coco-Zen Chocolate Squares

Eco-friendly Vegan Chocolate Treats

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops for Halloween

Eco-friendly Vegan Halloween Treats (beyond chocolate)

Glee Gum Mini Packs

Eco-friendly Gluten-free Halloween Treats

Trick or Treat – Natural Candy Mix

Awesome Mixes

EnviroKidz Organic Chocolate Koala Crispy Rice Bars

Unique Eco-friendly Halloween Goodies

Awesome Halloween Hand Out!

My #1 Non-edible Halloween Treat Recommendation of 2012

Kids like candy, but they also love other goodies. For 2012, my favorite non-edible Halloween treat is the 52 Series by Lynn Gordon. The 52 series is this awesome series of activity cards for kids that come in all kinds of topics.

You can easily pass out one card per kid for just $0.14 per kid. At this low cost, you can include a cool $0.24 Dr Seuss Lorax Project Pencils made from recycled newspaper, bringing this Halloween hand-out total to just $0.38 per kid! An amazing deal.

The Lorax Project Giant Stickers

More Eco-minded Non-edible Halloween Treats

Milk Chocolate Earth Balls from SunRidge Farms

Made in the USA Halloween Candy

*Note: As shown above, that there are many greener companies selling extremely affordable Halloween treats. It’s almost nuts to NOT buy one of the more eco-friendly options above. Especially when you consider that conventional candy is likely to have fake food dyes and other non-natural ingredients in them.

That said, if organic, eco-friendly, healthier or Fair Trade is still too expensive for you or tough to come by, your next best choice is to stick to made in the USA candy. Not all companies in the USA are ethical or green, however, buying close to home helps ensure you don’t support much shadier other country workplace ethics and it helps lower your footprint, because you’re not having candy shipped all over the world to get to you.

All of the candy below, while not, in my opinion, particularly eco-friendly, is less expensive and totally made in the USA. I tried to stick to less chemically infused candy, but it’s tough with conventional due to food coloring and such, so be careful when choosing.

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  1. Stephanie says

    I tried to order the Equal Exchange Halloween kit but only churches can order from that website. How do you order your Equal Exchange choc?
    Thanks for all these great ideas.

  2. Peggy says

    Great list.

    Unfortunately Equal Exchange isn’t safe to give to kids with nut allergies as any of their candy may contain traces of nuts. There are limited candies available for kids with nut allergies and not many are organic. Maybe that will change in the future. My nephew is severely allergic to nuts, so I’m trying to give him some candy he can actually eat. I don’t have to be as picky with the other candy I give out, but I’m avoiding peanut candy for sure.

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