100% Junk Mail Earth Birthday Card

I was looking for recycled Halloween party invitations and just look at what I found! NOT party invites, but the most adorable junk mail birthday card ever.

How cute is this card? These are brand new (sort of) from Green Field Paper Company. Usually I believe in making homemade cards, or skipping cards, but these are so sweet, well, they might be worth the buy. Each 100% Junk Mail greeting card depicts an earth inspired theme and is handmade with actual junk mail – thus no two cards are alike. Plus, for cool educational value, the method by which the junk mail is made and collected is printed on the back of each card along with actual junk mail statistics.

Be aware that you may find words or numbers anywhere on the card. They’re available in boxes of four and do come with envelopes.

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  1. says

    I agree. Very cute. But also inspirational. Start collecting junk mail and use to make cards if you’re not already–I don’t mean YOU, but the generalized “you” :)

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